Month: January 2020

Spotlight: A Tribute To Anna Pauline (Pauli) Murray

For many years I’ve studied the extraordinary work and contributions of strong, determined and fearless women in history. Or as some may call it now days, herstory. Although my studies have included some of the most reknowned and talked about women of the past and present, I must admit that a few slipped pass me. One of thoses Queens was Pauli Murray who just recently caught my attention so I decided to take this opportunity to shed some much needed light on her. Put some respect on her name!

Anna (Pauli) Murray

Very few women of her stature turned over a new leaf and later became a Deacon then Priest in an Episcopal church. Here’s what I know so far:

Via @herfloeticpotionsbook on Instagram- Anna Pauline Murray also known as Pauli was an American civil rights and women’s rights activist. Murray’s professions were an Attorney, Priest and Author. Born November 20 1910 in Baltimore Maryland.
As I was reading up on historical activists, Murray caught my eye so I decided to share a bit of information on her being that we never heard anything about her in school. I wanted to give her some shine.
Pauli Murray attended Howard University School of Law from 1941-1944 as well as Yale Law School in 1965.

In 1938 she began a campaign to enter the all-white University of North Carolina. With support of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). However, it was not until 1951 that Floyd McKissick became the first African American to be accepted by the University of North Carolina. 1941 Murray enrolled at the Howard University law school with the intention of becoming a civil rights lawyer. The following year she joined with George Houser, James Farmer and Bayard Rustin, to form the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). After Murray graduated from Howard University in 1944 she wanted to enroll at Harvard University to continue her law studies. In her application for a Rosenwald Fellowship, she listed Harvard as her first choice. She was awarded the prestigious fellowship but after the award had been announced, Harvard Law School rejected her because of her gender. Murray went to the University of California Boalt School of Law where she received a degree in law.
In 1956 Murray published Proud Shoes: The Story of an American Family, biography of her grandparents, and their struggle with racial prejudice and a poignant portrayal of her hometown of Durham. In 1960 Murray travelled to Ghana to explore her African cultural roots. When she returned President John F. Kennedy appointed her to his Committee on Civil and Political Rights. In the early 1960s Murray worked closely with Philip Randolph, Bayard Rustin and Martin Luther King but was critical of the way that men dominated the leadership of these civil rights organizations.

In 1977 Murray became the first African American woman to become a Episcopal priest. ➡Via

Blast Off

Bringing undeniable heat

the kind they can’t erase

complexion of honey

forever worthy of praise

style so wild

amused by the chase

moving up another level

we knocking down gates

bang bang

through your town

ain’t no drowning out the base

I did not come to bow

not a minute left to waste

Andrea J Williams

Mango Mania

King Of Fruit

First off let me just say how much I love the Mango fruit. The taste is incredible alone and the benefits of munching down on this juicy food are almost endless! When mangos are out of season, they can be a little bit more expensive when found and purchased. Thankfully I have a local fruit salesman who visits me from time to time giving me the perfect opportunity to indulge.

Mangos are a mixture of sweet and sour in my opinion which is the perfect mixture. Fruit that are too sour, bitter or sweet can be a turnoff. That is why they are referred to as the King Of Fruit? Well, the taste as well as the many health benefits it gives.

When I began doing research on mangos a few years back, there were many questions online from consumers in regards to just how beneficial this fruit is. One of the main benefits that stood out to me was they are linked to digestive health. Millions of people in the world suffer from digestive problems and this is definitely a healthy solution. Another great thing about mangos are even diabetics can satisfy their taste buds with this sweetness.

Cannibis users have confessed to eating a mango before lighting up their choice of herb in order to intensify their experience. Now this is the only fruit that I’ve ever heard of doing such a thing. So now we know for sure that mango will take you to another level or cloud nine shall I say?

Fruit is medicine along with vegetables. The medicine is here on earth for the taking. I myself prefer natural over processed any day but to each it’s own. Dr. Sebi was a holistic Doctor and taught all about the benefits of fruit, vegetables, greens, water etc. He explained the importance of an alkaline diet. Mangos are one of the top alkaline fruit known to man. Mangos raise your vibrations higher. Raising our vibrations are critical in order to better ourselves, planet and overall experience in life. Check out the main benefits of mangos below:

  • Promotes Healthy Gut. …
  • Boosts Immunity. …
  • Promotes eye health. …
  • Lowers Cholesterol. …
  • Clears the Skin. …
  • Even Diabetics Could Enjoy it. …
  • Aids Weight Loss.

Remember that it’s always a good thing to go mania for mango!

Just like that

it all collapsed

way back then

I used to believe

destruction was unnecessary

and all would be merry

for one to be constructive

some things must be demolished

remove the dead weight from your life

it costs the heaviest price

block the ones who destroy your head

rebuild with the stones uncovered instead

Andrea J Williams

The Importance Of Vacationing

Over the summer, I took a much needed vacation to San Destin, Florida. While away from the office for about a week was sort of scary but it was definitely long overdue. The beaches were absolutely stunning and the white sands were a dream.

Emerald Coast

Seeing different parts of the world can be therapeutic and refreshing to the mind. Our own cultures are important however, we must all take the initiative to understand how others live in order to build unity worldwide. Exploring brings about a new level of knowledge and wisdom.

It’s also imperative to spend these rare occasions with the  ones you love. Who knows, maybe a getaway will bring new friends and distant family into your life as well. I truly enjoyed the natives of San Destin. They were laid back and knew a thing or two about having fun. Which is what I’d been missing for a very long time. Take a look at the gorgeous photos I captured while there.

Taking care of the mind, body and soul is the new wealth and I’m so in love with it. I would encourage everyone to focus on these important aspects of your lives and then everything else. What I learned recently is, you can’t possibly take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself first and foremost. If you are a giver and an empath like myself, it will be hard no doubt but it must be done regardless. The ones who are in your lives should always be super encouraging of your new self-care routine and if they’re not then it may not be real love. Go out and enjoy life and be happy. It’s up to you.

I Found Me

Searching for you,

made me lose myself,


had to flee,

to a faraway land,

in order to find me,

while there, I learned,

peace of mind,

is the truest wealth.





Everyone secretly wishes to belong

To something


Even loners


Soul yearning

Somewhere to call home


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Dive Into Lime Green

The new fashion trend is definitely lime green. Lime is in! That comes as a shock to many simply because it is so bold. Lime green is probably the most eye-catching pop colour on the market. You couldn’t miss it even from far away.


I recently laid my eyes on a pair of lime green boots and had an orgasmic moment. Even those like myself who are modest wanted to dive right in to this trend just by seeing those boots.

The colour lime green itself uplifts the spirit and we all know I am all about positive vibes for the most part. So if you are feeling down, drained or simply need a pick-me-up, lime green would be great to assist you with that.

Another great way to spice it up with lime green is with makeup. Try eyeshadow or lime green glitter lipstick and take notes on how your mood and spirit changes by applying this bold colour.



Sacred Self Care


As most of you know, by day I work for a large insurance firm. For the most part I am working in an office space in front of a computer, which can be somewhat draining and tiring. That is one of the main reasons that I became a self care advocate. There are five agents that I am in charge of while there and many times I hear myself preaching to them about different topics.

We work almost every Saturday. So today was a great day to lighten up the mood and let our hair down so to speak. This was the perfect opportunity for me to raise the vibrations in our little corporate world. Mental health has been one of my top priorities lately.

I purchased an awesome Himalayan Salt Bluetooth speaker that is incredibly loud for it’s size so we turned it up to the max. The music was blasting, my agents were tapping their feet, I was snapping my fingers and singing over the music. All of this was going on as we dominated our marketing and sales goals. I believe this helped us tremendously!

The Himalayan Salt is built into the top of the speaker. Having a blast, making money and improving our health all at the same time. Now, that’s what I call multitasking! With that being said, I’d like to share with you some of the amazing benefits of Himalayan Salt below:

  • Create an electrolyte balance
  • Great way to increase your hydration
  • Regulates water content both inside and outside of our cells
  • Balance PH (alkaline/acidity) and helps to reduce acid reflux
  • Prevents of muscle cramping
  • Helps with proper metabolism functioning
  • Strengthen bones
  • Lowers blood pressure

Another great way to treat yourself is to lay back and spend time reading some great material. Here is a link to my book page below:

Emotional Intelligence

This is a poem about the choices we make repeatedly when it comes to affairs of the heart. Many times we know the truth but the disconnect between the mind and heart can lead one astray.


Wondering why

I allowed you to hurt me over and over again

ignoring the signs

burying my emotional intelligence         

caught up in a rat race

neither one of us would ever win

this heartbreaking must end

now I’m in recovery

because I thought I had a friend


-Andrea J Williams