Day: January 27, 2020

I Found Me

Searching for you,

made me lose myself,


had to flee,

to a faraway land,

in order to find me,

while there, I learned,

peace of mind,

is the truest wealth.





Everyone secretly wishes to belong

To something


Even loners


Soul yearning

Somewhere to call home


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Dive Into Lime Green

The new fashion trend is definitely lime green. Lime is in! That comes as a shock to many simply because it is so bold. Lime green is probably the most eye-catching pop colour on the market. You couldn’t miss it even from far away.


I recently laid my eyes on a pair of lime green boots and had an orgasmic moment. Even those like myself who are modest wanted to dive right in to this trend just by seeing those boots.

The colour lime green itself uplifts the spirit and we all know I am all about positive vibes for the most part. So if you are feeling down, drained or simply need a pick-me-up, lime green would be great to assist you with that.

Another great way to spice it up with lime green is with makeup. Try eyeshadow or lime green glitter lipstick and take notes on how your mood and spirit changes by applying this bold colour.