Day: February 6, 2020

Her Floetic Potions Skincare Products Bundle Deal

Her Floetic Potions bundle package

Great news family! With Valentine’s day quickly approaching, I’ve decided to do super savings bundle deal. Love is in the air and what a beautiful way to show your significant other how much you care about their well-being. We all would love clear and flawless skin with our 2020 vision this season. Show them that the love is really real with this bundle package. Pampering our loved ones is always a good idea. The package will include Pro Repair Serum, Cucumber Hydration Eye Gel, Detoxifying Charcoal Mask and Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser.


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Rwanda Bans Skin Bleaching Creams

There is an epidemic in the African communities worldwide when it comes to self love. The major issues we face on a day to day basis stems from the effects of colonisation. This has caused many of us to carry a deep rooted self hatred that is still going on today. Hundreds of years of mental, physical and emotional abuse will surely cause unimaginable harm such as the ridiculous belief that we must whiten ourselves to be considered beautiful or successful.

The magazines, television commercials, music industry and mass media has promoted the likeness of ‘whiteness’ unapologetically for hundreds of years so understandably, the programming will definitely effect the minds of the people. Thankfully the eyes of the world has begun to change for the better with the knowledge that beauty comes in many shapes and forms. Uniqueness is the beauty and should be embraced. Different can be so refreshing if we all learned to respect our neighbors. Peace could be possible.

Interestingly, regardless to how much some of the world wishes to change their entire hue places like Rwanda has stepped in to put a stop to the harsh effects of skin bleaching by banning the creams from their country. According to research, all skin-bleaching products were pulled directly off of the shelves. Rwandan government has enforced the ban as of 2019. Unfortunately we all now that certain individuals may stoop to desperate measures in order to undergo the process of bleaching if they truly wanted to but I love this ban because it will plant seeds in other parts of the world that there were no mistakes made when we were created and self love is the new rich.

Purse-Snatcher Caught On Camera

According to reports purse-snatching is at an all time high city to city and state to state. Walking down the street or in a mall in broad daylight has even become unsafe while carrying a purse in many areas. Not too long ago, a woman was drug all through the Galleria area by her purse in the middle of the day. I am not aware of her current condition at this time but from my understanding she did not lose her life. It is important for victims to understand that if your life is in danger, the purse no longer matters as much and it is best to allow authorities to handle the matter from that point on. Making it home alive to your loved ones is top priority. The desperation of criminals are rapidly rising against helpless women and children which should call for great concern in surrounding communities. Robbers usually act in a quick manner so it is often hard to see or suspect when the attack will be done.

Tip: Lock purses and valuable items in the trunk of your vehicle out of site of potential robbers.

This week a woman in Southwest Houston Texas was walking through another parking lot and was abruptly attacked right in broad daylight on camera. The suspect even violently assaulted the woman as she struggled to hold onto the strap of her purse. According to police, the purse-snatcher is still at large and there is a $5000 reward for any information leading to his capture. Check out the shocking video of the assault below:

Via KHOU 11

Purse-snatcher caught on camera