Just last week the world was highly concerned about the virus known as Covid-19. Today we are literally in an American war with police officers from state to state. Millions of American citizens as well as international people are watching and standing on the front lines of nationwide protests and riots in response to the untimely death of George Floyd, which occurred May 25 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The murder of Floyd was captured on cameras of many bystanders and it quickly went viral.

Following the shock of seeing the death of an All-American football/basketball star repeatedly on social media as well as news reports sent almost the entire United States into an uncontrollable rage. Anger erupted and cities across America were set ablaze. It seems as though the coronavirus is the last of our worries as we witness American citizens go toe to toe with police officers in the streets. The fires began in Minneapolis where businesses and buildings burned to crisp. One of those buildings set to flames was the Third Precinct where accused murderers of George Floyd worked including ex-officer Derek Chauvin. Soon after the third precinct was destroyed, five hundred U.S. National Guards were sent to Minneapolis in order to control the chaos.

It is very clear that the people of America are tired of Black lives being cut short at the hands of white supremacist cops and citizens of America. Black and brown people in this country do not feel the love and freedom that was promised to us. Instead we are stuck with extreme violence, PTSD and mental illnesses due to the suffrage imposed on our lives since birth. The cycle has been exhausting. And because we had a major hand in building the United States, many believe it should be destruction in order to rebuild but in a completely different way. A way where there’s no privilege given above the next. The fact that Black people are only seeking equality and not revenge is appalling at this point considering how much we’ve loss and how many of our loved ones we’ve had to bury. Enough is enough.

An EMT worker named Breonna Taylor was shot eight times while in her home. Taylor was a first responder and beloved by her family and community. She was a hard-working American citizen. The police arrived at her residence with a no-knock warrant without identifying themselves and that’s when Taylor’s spouse began to fire his gun, protecting their home as he thought the unknown intruders were there to burglarize or harm his family. Police fired back, fatally striking Taylor and wounding her spouse. The major issue with the entire shootout was, Taylor’s home was not the intended target. The officers broke into the wrong residence and to make matters worse, sources are confirmed that the suspect they were searching for had already been arrested and in police custody. Breonna Taylor’s death is unacceptable on so many levels and the people are tired of mourning.

So far these are the cities and states to take action and join in on the freedom fight: Minneapolis, New York City, Atlanta, Houston, Louisville, North Carolina, Newark, Chicago, St. Paul, Dallas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Arizona, Columbus and more.

NYPD violently running over protesters

Silence at this time is a crime. We are in a state of emergency and the revolution can not be stopped by any one. The cries of the fallen and forgotten are loud and clear from city to city and state o state.