Month: March 2021

Herbal Hair Growth Oil

Looking to grow long, healthy and beautiful hair the organic way? This is the perfect hair growth blend containing only the finest herbs and oils on the planet.

Let go of your worries about hair growth, dryness, frizz or lost edges once and for all!

Benefits: 1. Prevents hair fall. 2. Prevents gray hair. 3. Prevents dandruff. 4. Reduces body heat. 5. Regular use gives thick and long hair. NO RESTRICTIONS, MAY BE USED ON ALL AGE GROUPS.

Ingredients: Peppermint Essential Oil, Coconut Oil  1. Vetiver – Khas Khas (Usheera). 2. Champaca seed – Champak 3. Fenugreek – Methi 4. Marorphal – Valampiri 5. Idampuri 6. Pulankilangu -chandramoolika 7. Curry Leaves – Kari pattu 8. Ranawara – Tarwar 9. Hibiscus – Japa 10. Vembalam Bark plus an additional eight vital herbs for hair care.

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Herbal Hair Growth Oil

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Vegan Shave Cream

Our rich and creamy vegan shaving cream not only makes it easier to assist with removing unwanted hairs, it also nourishes and heals your skin at the same time.

Packed with aloe vera, oils and purified water to create the most luxurious product on the market.

Our Vegan Shaving cream is perfect for men or women to shave delicate skin. It has a gentle foam to help build a nice creamy lather to shave with.

How to Use:Simply apply a very small amount to face and shave in upward motions, careful to avoid direct contact with eye. Email us for details on all ingredients. Accepting payments through Zelle (832-801-1724), Cash app $Herfloeticpotions and PayPal payments accepted below.

Vegan Shave Cream

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Cucumber Gel Daily Cleanser

Containing Vitamin B3 and Botanical Extracts, this cleanser is a foaming gel face wash for fresh, vibrant skin.

KEY BENEFITSCleanses & purifies for refreshed skinSupports healthy-looking, soft skinHelps even & improve the appearance of skin toneFeel the fresh effects from our new sulfate-free, cucumber foaming cleanser. This formula features soothing botanical extracts to diminish the appearance of dullness, leaving skin renewed. Reveal healthy, rejuvenated skin with a daily wash to help hydrate and balance the appearance of skin tone.Our cleanser is gentle, yet super effective at eliminating dirt, impurities, and dry or dead skin cells, providing a refreshing cleansing routine. When cleansing, our foaming gel works overtime by maintaining moisture, keeping skin hydrated, soft, and smooth. This visibly helps minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines and uneven tone, keeping skin at the top of its game.

Cucumber Gel Daily Cleanser

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