Shimmering Body Butter

Natural Body Butters

All natural vegan and toxic free body butters for silky smooth skin. These butters are whipped, light, fluffy and most importantly non-greasy plus they will have your entire body smelling as sweet as flowers.


Fluffy And Shimmer Body Butter

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Moisturizer Mania

Daytime Ageless Moisturizer

PeptidesVitamin CBotanical Extracts

Revitalizing, botanical cream for a soft feel & smooth appearance.


  • Visibly improves the appearance of toned, firmed skin
  • Helps minimize the appearance of lines, wrinkles, & signs of aging
  • Contains quenching vitamins for a softer touch & healthy glow

This daytime to nighttime moisturizer is a blend of peptides, vitamins, and natural fruit extracts to help the overall appearance for healthy skin. Our supportive peptides restore the appearance of skin’s resilience and provide a brighter clarity. Moisturizing elements from our sweet almond oil and our vegan, olive-derived squalane replenish the skin with intense hydration.

Vitamins C & E help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sun overexposure and other signs of aging. Together, they help calm the appearance of redness and soothe the skin after application. Botanical extracts such as Avocado, Carrot, Cucumber, Ginseng, and Linden Tree recharge the skin back to its most healthy, youthful complexion.

Available in 1 FL OZ / 30 ML.

Daytime Ageless Moisturizer

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Luxurious New Arrivals

Protein Lift Serum, Advanced Eye Serum, Rapid Age Defyer

PeptidesVitamin CBotanical Extracts

A peptide-infused face serum for a brighter, tighter skin appearance


  • Visibly smoothes & lifts skin’s appearance
  • Peptides provides support for overall healthy skin
  • Creates the appearance of brighter, even complexion

Want that fresh and tight skin complexion? Our radiant face serum helps to instantly improve the appearance of dull, stressed skin. It helps bring a brighter, even look to the face with restorative, naturally-derived botanical ingredients. This revitalizing serum contains a blend of multiple proteins and peptides to help support a youthful, dewy appearance.

Detoxifying Marine Micro Algae helps support the appearance of tighter and firmer skin. Loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, the age-defying Acai Berry extract revives skin and deeply restores moisture. Our Willow Herb effectively hydrates because it’s packed with fatty acids and nutrients that calms the appearance of redness.

Available in 0.5 FL OZ / 15 ML.

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Protein Lift Serum

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Don’t Allow Your Skin To Fall Victim To Acne This Season

Autumn leaves are falling but your skin shouldn’t. We have the perfect remedy for you here!

Hydrating Face Moisturizer, Detox Nightwear Cream, Hand And Body Restore Cream, Exfoliating Face Scrub

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Our Extended Catalogue

Autumn is here and we want you to Fall in love with your skincare routine. Self care is a vibe!

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Her Floetic Potions Illuminating Universal Primer


Key ingredients: ✅Vitamin C ✅Vitamin B5 ✅Hyaluronic Acid
Lightweight, hydrating rose primer with vitamin complex

Preps skin with vitamins for longer-lasting makeup. Deeply hydrates to visibly tighten, brighten & plump. Minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines & wrinkles.

This unique vitamin-rich essential formula smooths, hydrates, and revitalizes while preparing skin for long-lasting makeup wear. Energized with our exclusive fresh rose complex, this silky serum naturally hydrates and controls oil, giving the skin a dewy, pearlescent finish to incorporate in a daily regimen.

A rich combination of Vitamins B, E, and C nourish the skin to visibly improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven tones, and fine lines. This water-based formula replenishes moisture levels with Hyaluronic Acid and creates the perfect canvas for makeup application and a radiant glow.

Available in 1 fl oz / 30 ml.


Illuminating Universal Primer

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Her Floetic Potions Cucumber Herbal Eye Gel

Keep your under eye area looking youthful, healthy and glowing with HER FLOETIC POTIONS Cucumber Herbal Eye Gel!
Key ingredients: Shea/Cucumber/Coffee
CUCUMBER HERBAL EYE GEL ✅Cucumber ✅Shea ✅Coffee

A cooling gel for fresh, youthful eyes


Reduces the appearance of puffy, tired eyes & dark circles. Helps plump & smooth the appearance of fine lines. Calms & hydrates the delicate eye area

Decrease the appearance of eye fatigue, puffiness and dark circles. This baby blue cooling eye gel will calm and soothe the appearance of tired looking eyes. This formula contains caffeine to awaken and revitalize the appearance of the skin around the eyes. This fast-absorbing gel will improve the appearance of youthful suppleness.

Natural sugars and vitamins E and K will continue to hydrate and smooth the appearance of the delicate skin around the eyes. Complex of botanical extracts: Aloe, Shea, Avocado, Cucumber, Coffee, Eggplant, Jojoba, Basil, Turmeric, Ginger.

Available in 2 fl / 60 ml. at or


Cucumber Herbal Eye Gel

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Her Floetic Potions 2 Sneak Peak

Her Floetic Potions 2 Book

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Let Your Hair Shine!

Biotin Boost Hair Serum

We just love to shine!

Amino AcidsPea Sprout ExtractVitamin E

Yuzu-scented serum for the scalp and hair.


  • Boosts appearance of smoother, stronger hair
  • Helps improve dryness & provides scalp moisture
  • Nourishes hair for shine & thicker appearance

This protein-rich hair serum will provide all the benefits to revitalize the scalp and boost the appearance of fine, dull hair. With daily use, our amino acids in this biotin-boosted serum moisturizes the scalp and helps improve the appearance of fuller, thicker hair.

Moisturize and nourish with natural antioxidants and enzymes for shiny, volumized hair. Herbs included: Sage, Chinaberry, Red Seaweed, Turmeric, Basil, Holy Basil, Yuzu

Available in 1 fl oz / 30 ml.

Her Floetic Potions Biotin Hair Boost Serum

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