On Monday night at the Southwestern Athletic Conference game in Montgomery with Alabama State University and Texas Southern University women’s basketball teams, there was one of the worst fights in sports history. The battle went from the court to what looked like a street war. According to reports, ten players were suspended along with five managers for the basketball teams. This may take you aback due to the fact that the world has been diligently fighting for unity instead of division. Obviously, that was not on the minds of the two women’s college basketball teams at this conference. Staff members at each school has since then confessed their embarrassment in regards to the matter as well as other students attending the universities. Apparently Texas Southern was blowing Alabama State out by a score of 81-54 and things became violent shortly thereafter leading up to further division in sisterhood and sportsmanship.

Alabama State released statements with a promise of suspension as well as possible further disciplinary actions.

“I am extremely disappointed by the behavior of our women athletes at the end of their game against Texas Southern University,” ASU President Quinton T. Ross Jr. said in a statement.

“Alabama State University has a zero-tolerance policy for this type of behavior.”

Texas Southern’s Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics, Kevin Grang expressed his feelings of “deeply disappointed” with a promise of full investigations into the actions of Monday night’s madness.

ABC 13 News

I just wanted to explain how this particular behavior can be extremely detrimental to the nation simply because the common goal should always be unity regardless to the situation especially among young women. Now is the time to lift one another up instead of ripping one another apart. Yes, emotions run high when competition arises however, let’s try to use that fire to fuel our focus. Everyone no matter who you are will deal with losses but it’s how you pick yourself back up with grace that matters. In losses, there are always lessons to be learned. Hold a sister up instead of beating her down. There will be other times you will win and those lessons will always be remembered.

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